American-Made Thrash Grass


The Native Howl is an American band from Leonard, MI. Their 2016 release of "Thrash Grass" unleashed the newly-coined genre of the same name, combining the aggressiveness and intensity of thrash metal with the melodicism and precision of bluegrass. 

The band has toured 45 of the 50 U.S. States, as well as Canadian dates. Among the highlights were the Rock Legends Cruise with Roger Daltry, Kansas, Buddy Guy, and more; as well as closing Floyd Fest, and performing The National Anthem before The Chicago Bulls' game at United Center in Chicago.    

Award and Accomplishments

  • Top 10 on Bluegrass Billboard Chart for 8 weeks in 2017

  • Thrash Grass Reached #4 on Bluegrass Billboard Chart 2017

  • Out of the Garden and Into the Darkness Reached #3 on Bluegrass Billboard Chart 2018

  • Out of the Garden and Into the Darkness Reached #50 on the New Artist Albums Billboard Chart 2018

  • Nominee in both best Rock group and best Rock album for 2017 Detroit Music Awards

  • Blue Water Music Awards Album of the Year 2017

  • Blue Water Music Awards Best Import 2017

  • 1.1M views on YouTube Music Video for Thunderhead

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Band Members

Alex Holycross
Guitar, Bouzouki, Lead Vocals

Jacob Sawicki
Banjo, Guitar, Vocals

Mark Chandler
Bass, Vocals

Zach Bolling


Record Label

Clean as Dirt Records


Frank Mastalerz


Stephan Mellul - Continental Touring



The Revolution's Dead EP - 2013

Inukshuk - 2015

Leavin' My Home (Single) - 2015

Thrash Grass EP - 2016

Out of the Garden and Into the Darkness - 2018

Harvester of Constant Sorrow (Single) - 2019

Social Media

  • Facebook - 166K Followers

  • Youtube - 25.1K Subscribers

  • Spotify - 23.3K Followers, 28.5K Monthly Listeners

  • Instagram - 11.2K Followers

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The Native Howl - Thunderhead (Official Music Video)




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